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Learning and Play
We believe that the best learning takes place when children and adults are having FUN. If we are actively involved, taking part and enjoying ourselves we will learn more. At Seymour Park we like to CHALLENGE ourselves, and aim high in all that we do. Seymour Park gives great status to EFFORT! Have a go and try your best.
Seymour Park has wonderful diversity which we celebrate and embrace. Many of our children have English as an Additional Language – we offer fantastic support. Seymour Park is a COMMUNITY school and is for everyone. We have excellent experience in providing the best support for children with Special Educational Needs. We work hard to make sure that everyone can make progress and have fun. Our PUPIL SUPPORT Team is highly regarded throughout Trafford. They work closely with children with SEN and families where required. We have a wide range of effective interventions including our two Small Specialist Classes (Rainbow Room and Discovery Zone). The school is wheelchair accessible.
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SEN and inclusion
Growth Mindset
At Seymour Park we know that intelligence and ability are not fixed. We might not be able to do it YET. We can always improve. We try to help children to aim high and do their best. We reward effort and perseverance as well as praising and celebrating achievement.
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The Language for Learning
Seymour Park is focused on LEARNING and THINKING. We give children the language so that they can talk about their learning journey. We have chosen lots of words and phrases that help us with this. We “WOBBLE” when we are out of our comfort zone. It’s good to wobble because it is part of the learning. We use these words all the time: Reflect, Think, Talk, Learn, Wobble, Success, Progress, Challenge, and Feedback.  

We ask the children lots of questions about their learning such as:


What have you been learning?

What have you learned that you didn’t already know?

How have you been learning?

How have you wobbled today?

What do you need to do next to help you with your learning?

What skills have you used?

How has that helped you to be a better learner?

Who did you learn best with today?

What does a good learner do?


You could try asking these questions at home instead of saying “What have you done today?”

Extended Services

We have a wide range of services and activities in school that help support you, your child and members of the community.

These include:

• Childcare, Breakfast and
   After School Clubs

• Extra-curricular activities

• Parent courses

• Pre-school groups

• Family support

Physical Education, Sports, Computing, Expressive and Creative Arts
We awaken creativity and develop creative thinkers through our ‘Seymour Park Experience’. We use funding to provide excellent PE, Music, ICT, Art and Drama curriculum specialist teachers, enrichment sessions, instrumental projects, swimming and access to physical activities in-school and out-of-school. We take part in inter and intra school competitions and offer clubs and activities throughout the year. We work with local sports clubs to enhance provision. The children take part in cultural events, drama, music, sport and festivals throughout the year. We invite authors, poets, theatre and dance companies, artists, musicians and performers to work with the children.
Early Years and Admissions
We have an exciting, fun Nursery with 52 part-time places each morning and afternoon. The school manages the admissions to our Nursery. You can get an application form from the office and see our policy on the school website. Trafford Local Authority manage all other admissions. We have 3 Reception classes. Early Years is focused on developing the characteristics of effective learning through active participation, exploration, playing and creating and thinking.  
Keeping Safe
Seymour Park takes really good care of everyone. Children behave well; they are polite and well-mannered. Great care is taken to appoint the best staff. We have lots of extra staff to support children with their physical, social, emotional and mental health needs. The school works very closely with Social Care and Health to make sure that all children are safe and protected in school and at home.
Healthy Eating
We offer delicious school meals and fresh milk. We offer HMC Halal and traditional non-Halal meat every day. Children can choose to have a School Meal or Packed Lunch. Those children who are eligible for Free School Meals are catered for well. Please fill out a FREE SCHOOL MEALS application if you are eligible – this will benefit the children in school. Packed lunches and snacks should provide a balanced healthy diet. No crisps or sugary drinks.  

Red sweatshirt with logo available at school or plain red sweater, sweatshirt, cardigan

Black/Grey trousers, shorts, skirt, pinafore, dress

White or Red shirt or polo shirt

Grey/black/white/red socks or tights

Summer dress: red/white checked or striped

Black shoes - no trainers

Black shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms for P.E with red t-shirt

Earrings: Studs in the ears only

No other jewellery unless it is for religious purposes and age appropriate

Timings of the Day

Start 8.55am

Doors open earlier in Reception and Key Stage 1

Lunch time: 12 noon – 1pm 
Finish: 3.15pm



Morning: 8.45am – 11.45am
Afternoon: 12.30 – 3.30pm

1. Be polite and respectful     2. Close doors and gates    
Put litter in the bins     4. Recycle     5. Walk to school when you can    
Play and share cooperatively     7. Make friends     8. Follow safety notices    
Help each other     10. Wear a smile :)

Our Core Values
  • Make Learning FUN
  • Create Memories
  • Promote a “Growth Mind Set” (I can…)
  • Reward EFFORT
  • Empathy, Warmth and Respect
  • Aspiration - Aim High
  • Challenge - Try New Things and “Have a Go!”
  • Time to ‘Reflect’
  • Celebrate Diversity, Team Work and Uniqueness
  • Engage the Community
  • Inclusion and Equality of Opportunity
  • Building Resilience, Independence,
  • Self-Confidence and Self-Belief
  • Quality First Teaching
  • Value the Individual
  • Take Pride in Ourselves
  • Enable “Enquiring Minds”
  • Time to Laugh, Read, Think, Play and Talk
  • Local and Global Awareness
  • Being Visionary
  • Striving for Excellence

At Seymour Park we use the “TASC Wheel” to help children develop their thinking and learning skills. “TASC” is based on lots of practical, hands-on learning. It is focused on developing skills, involving children in their own learning, developing independence and team work.

“TASC” provides lots of TALK opportunities and encourages maximum participation.

You will see the TASC Wheel all around school.

Lots of QUESTIONING is used and encouraged to stimulate thinking and learning.

TASC stands for Thinking Actively in a Social Context; it means giving the children a context in which to learn. We use lots of Topics across school such as Amazing Me!, Down on the Farm, Dead or Alive, Rainforests, Tudors, Disaster Strikes, When I Grow Up, etc. to deliver the Seymour Park Curriculum.

Always on TASC...

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